2023 Decor Trends

From natural to curvy to cozy, here are a few of this year’s interior design trends. Often a small change like a wall colour, a new piece of furniture or a decorative accent can be enough to give a room a whole new perspective.

It’s Only Natural
The calming warmth of natural materials in your home can provide a welcome relief from today’s hectic and chaotic world. Expect to see a lot of natural wood, especially live-edge tables or vintage items stripped and refinished with clear lacquer.

In the kitchen, natural stone slabs like marble and granite are making a big impact on counters and backsplashes, often in bold patterns and darker colours. Each stone slab is unique and can really enhance a room when used as a dramatic waterfall or wrapping around a central island. For an easy and affordable way to ease into the natural vibe, you can start small with wood or glass bowls instead of plastic, stainless steel trash or recycling bins, and wood storage containers. It’s all about natural materials.

Natural materials are keeping it real this year

Going Old-School
Many people, especially millennials, continue to ride the “Gramma Wave” with a renewed interest in antiques, thrift store finds and heritage pieces. This all began when supply chain issues forced designers and homeowners to become more resourceful in searching out furniture, but has morphed into a genuine love for casual, well-loved heirlooms.

Whether you call it Mid-Century Modern, Coastal Gramma or Modern Farmhouse, this approach can add a welcome sense of heritage and authenticity to a home. It is also a great way to break out of the “fast-furnishings” cycle and move toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

A blast from the past with mid-century modern furnishings

Warm and Cozy
While cool grey has been a dominant colour in decorating for the past decade, 2023 will be all about warming things up with neutral tans and taupes making a big comeback on walls, carpets, and more. And warm doesn’t have to mean beige; in today’s decorating world desaturated blues, greens, and terra cotta will also bring new excitement to the idea of neutrals.

And, as always, adding splashes of brighter colours to that subtle background with art, pillows, plants, and accessories will keep your rooms looking fresh and dynamic.

Neutral tones with splashes of colour make for a warm and inviting living space

Make A Statement
If a completely neutral pallet just isn’t your style, check out the latest paint colours from Benjamin Moore, and introduce some pizzazz to your home with Savanah Green, Wenge, Cinnamon, or 2023’s Colour of the Year, Raspberry Blush . These vivacious new tones will make a real statement on living room walls, powder rooms, or even on a ceiling.

Raspberry Blush is Benjamin-Moore’s Colour Of The Year

More On The Floor
2023 will see a shift away from traditional neutral carpets to bold, exciting rugs that are almost artwork for your floor. Abstract designs, stripes, checkerboard patterns and bold, graphic images will all add a maximalist aesthetic which evokes confidence and curiosity.The best part is, a dramatic accent rug like this can instantly transform a room without requiring any costly or time-consuming renovations.

A dramatic accent rug like this can instantly transform a room

Say Hello To Curves
In keeping with the general trend towards nature and warmth in interior designs, sharp edges and corners are being replaced with gentle, feminine curves. Chairs and sofas, light fixtures and accessories are all featuring rounded corners, soft edges and arched curves that are both visually appealing and also evoke feelings of calm and serenity. Best of all these items can blend seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional décor.

Rounded corners and soft edges, like in our Allegro model home, are one of the hottest trends for 2023

Refreshing your home with new trends is an exciting way to start the new year. 

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