Celebrating Dad’s Special Day

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day and share thoughts and advice from a few of our Geranium dads, we’d like to begin with a chuckle from someone who knows father best – a mom.
Our kids enjoy growing up with their dad more than growing up with their mom because you match their mental levels the best. Happy Father’s Day dear husband.”

Vimal – Senior Director, Land Development
As Geranium’s Senior Director of Land Development, Vimal admits that one of life’s biggest challenges is balancing life with the commitments and pressures at work, social engagements, etc. However, doing little things like walking the kids to school each morning, going on evening walks and bedtime reading with the kids is a great way to catch up on the highlights of their day.
As a father of two he’s learned many things about raising kids, but when asked what he felt was the most important lesson he’s learned since becoming a father he shares this advice … “Children are like sponges and emulate you from a very young age. You can verbally tell them what to do and what not to do, however, you must practice what you preach. I’ve learned that once you heed your own advice children typically follow whether it’s lifestyle or food choices. However, I still can’t get them to enjoy eating broccoli or going to bed early. I’ll let you know if I ever figure that out.”
What’s Vimal’s favourite part about being a dad? After a busy weekend enjoying bike rides, exploring hiking trails, rock climbing, skating, etc. he admits, “putting my kids down for naps so I can nap too and being able to act like a kid when I play with my daughters!

Frank – Site Superintendent
For Geranium Site Superintendent, Frank, balancing work and home life is simple. Work is work and home is home. And home is where this proud father of 2 boys is quick to share, “The most important lesson I’ve learned as a dad, is time. When I was younger, time was never an issue, but watching my boys grow, I realize how fast years go by. They taught me to absorb the little things. Regarding their dreams, I just tell them to be true to themselves and not follow the path of least resistance. Don’t do something just because it’s easy.” Frank and his family share a love for food and cooking, and he admits that while nothing is off the table, we try everything. One of their favourite family activities is picking a spot from TV’s “You Gotta Eat Here” and then hopping in the car for a family foodie road trip!
When asked what similarities there are between him and his boys; “We’re a lot alike but the most obvious is the stubbornness (as my wife reminds me every day). But if I was to offer a parenting tip it would be to stay out of their way; our responsibilities are to guide them not mould them.”
Is it harder today to be a dad than in years gone by? “Every generation is different and has its challenges,” he says. “I am sure every generation has said they have it harder. In my opinion my grandfather’s and father’s generations had to sacrifice a lot more than my uncles’ and my generation.”

Clement – Project Accountant
As a Geranium Project Accountant, Clement feels blessed to have the opportunity to be part of his child’s life and believes that it’s important for parents to guide their kids to be the best version of themselves … comforting them when they are sad, smiling with them when they are happy, directing them when they are lost, and just being in the moment.
I always remind myself: time is valuable and is the one thing in life you cannot buy. No amount of money in the world can bring back time lost with family. You don’t have to be the richest or smartest person; you just need to show up and be there with them. Embrace who they are and always be supportive.
When he was young, Clement wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a chef, so it’s not surprising that the family shares a love for food whether it’s cooking ramen, pasta, or trying new things together.
What kind of advice could he give to parents today? “Take every opportunity to teach them things. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and make time to re-energize. It is OK to fail if you learn from your mistakes and try again. Put in the work and try your absolute best at everything you do.

Tony – Chief Financial Officer
When it comes to balancing work and home life Geranium’s Chief Financial Officer says, “there are challenges, but the rewards are incredibly special.” He points out that you need to enjoy every moment to the fullest because they grow up too fast.
Being a dad completes me as a person,” Tony continues, “being there for them, being supportive, and creating a family structure which is supportive of core values.”

Comparing his boyhood to his fatherhood, he believes that parenting challenges are different today, but the rewards are the same. His role as a father is to nurture growth and personal development, but also to allow them to be who they are.
As a young boy, Tony wanted to grow up to be a firefighter. And when it comes to his daughter pursuing her dreams, he offers these three words – Never give up.
What’s Tony’s favourite Father’s Day meal? “I like to grill,” he says, “…so, for me it’s burgers or steak!

Moshin – Director, Planning & Financial Analysis
Taking the kids to the park and playing basketball or soccer, building puzzles, riding bikes or just playing in the field, finding that perfect balance between work and home life is good advice from Moshin, Geranium’s Director, Planning & Financial Analysis.
I try to be home at a reasonable time so I can spend a couple of hours with my kids after school each day,” he shares. “I am laid back and reserved; I see that in my son. I am also curious and like taking things apart and putting them together; my son has similar traits, he enjoys building robots and Lego models. My daughter on the other hand is like my wife, she is caring and very friendly. She is independent, confident, and enjoys being around friends, which is like me.
Moshin strongly believes that kids are precious and perfect in every way, and their upbringing will make them who they are. He admits that since becoming a parent he’s learned to appreciate his upbringing and the struggles his parents went through.
Advice I would give my children when pursuing their dreams is to work hard, don’t give up, stay humble, and respect those around you.” And for parents, “I think it is harder for parents in this age due to technology, social media and negative online influences. So be there for your kids, listen to them, spend time with them and be their friend.

Luke – Business Systems & Process Director
Patience, let the little things go and don’t take things personally.” It’s what Geranium’s Business Systems & Process Director Luke admits is the best advice he can give to other fathers.What I have learned most is patience, letting things go … and always listen to my wife,” he shares. “She is not only my best friend, my source of stability, but the best mother I have ever seen. She understands when to push, when to be more patient and understanding, when to dig in and when to let things go. When it comes to parenting, she is right 9.5 times out of 10.”
For this father of one, taking great pride in his work and even greater pride in being a good husband and father, is something that he consistently battles with.
There are only so many hours in a day and it feels like some days, no matter what, there is no easy way to balance work and family time,” he admits. “When I figure out the right balance, I’ll be sure to let you know, but right now it’s a work in progress!
Luke makes the most of the time he has with his son, sharing in everything from reading, colouring, playing sports, going to the park or, now that his son is of age, video games. “I also feel it’s important to mix in household/life activities like laundry, dishes, house cleaning, etc. However these are few and far between in comparison to the ‘fun’ activities.”
When asked if today’s fathers have it harder, easier, or just different, Luke replies, “It’s different, definitely different. Education, technology and societal norms/pressures have changed how you parent; however, I think I can speak for most fathers in that you just want your children to be safe, happy and healthy.

Whether you’re a father or a father figure, and they call you father, pop, pappy, pa, old man, or just plain old dad, from all of us at Geranium we would like to extend to you best wishes as you celebrate dad – Happy Father’s Day!

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