Mother’s Day Gift Guide

MothersDayBlogWe love our moms, but how do we show them how much we really appreciate all they do? The key is to know what your mom enjoys doing when she’s not worrying about everyone else. Here’s a guide to some great ideas to make this Mother’s Day gift something that truly says Thanks Mom!

For the Busy Mom
There’s nothing a busy mom would enjoy more than a little bit of pampering. By giving her some time on her own, she’ll appreciate the chance to put her feet up and relax. A day at a spa or mani/pedi are always welcome gifts. Or you could make your own Spa In A Jar – filling it with everything a mom could possibly dream of, but would never buy for herself.  Thanks to The Gunny Sack for showing us how to put together the perfectly pampered surprise! offers great tips for creating your own Spa In A Jar offers great tips for creating your own Spa In A Jar

For the Gardener
How about a gift mom can display on the front porch for all to see?  Giving her a planter in early May will give the flowers a chance to really bloom and blossom throughout the summer. Get creative and use one of these unique planters that you can make yourself for extra impact.

We can all fall back on plants for Mother’s Day, but this year, take the time to plant a garden together. It can be annuals that will bloom all summer long, perennials that last for years to come or what about a vegetable garden? After you enjoy a day planting together, you can both reap the benefits throughout the season. We found this great companion planting guide to help you choose the right veggies for this unforgettable gift.

Spending time together is the best Mother's Day gift possible.

Spending time together is the best Mother’s Day gift possible.

For the Chef
Dutch ovens are great for one-pot meals, as the added weight lets you brown/sear very well. Its construction and weight helps regulate temperature and provides a constant even radiant heat to the food inside. It also holds the heat longer meaning it really is a much-needed addition for any mom who loves to cook! The Le Creuset Dutch Oven is a versatile piece that comes in a variety of fun colours.

Maybe you can really surprise mom by making her a meal in it! We found some tasty recipes to give you a hand.

Dutch Ovens are a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Dutch Ovens are a welcome addition to any kitchen.

For the Working Mom
She’s busy, but she still has time for family. So say Happy Mothers Day with a gift for her home or work office. A cute mug will do the trick for functionality and style. But set yours apart by making it yourself – it’s easier than you think!

How about a practical and chic piece for her office? A large wall clock will serve a dual purpose as a timepiece and a work of art. Mom will love having a beautiful wall clock in her office space; especially knowing it came from you.

Thanks to for this easy DIY gift!

Thanks to for this easy DIY gift!

For the Designer
If your mom has a keen eye for interior design, she understands the impact that a variety of throw pillows can have on a space. Give her a few new ones to liven up her favourite spaces!

Give your mom a way to display a few of her previous Mother’s Day gifts with a jewelry display case. They will keep your mom’s favourite pieces organized and presented beautifully. By making it yourself, you’ll be adding that personal touch that mean so much. Here’s a guide that should inspire you.

A number of different homemade Jewellery Boxes at Sincerely Yours.

A number of different homemade Jewellery Boxes at Sincerely Yours.

For the Sentimental Mom
Let’s face it, the sentimental mom will love any gift you give her, but you want to make it something super special this year. Create a coffee table book made from all of her favourite photos. She’ll appreciate the personal touches, and will enjoy looking through all the memories.


Now you can order picture books using your Facebook or Instagram photos.

These gifts for the home will serve as a daily reminder to your mother that you love and appreciate her.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Emily says:

    Motherhood is the only status which keeps unconditional love, never ending, patience and scarifying together.
    Thanks for all the great Article. Must say I have the best mom ever. 🙂

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