Paint Colours And How They Affect Your Mood

Painting a room can be fun as you look forward to a fresh new look for your living space. Choosing a colour from the hundreds of colour choices can be a challenge. What are your favourite colours? What looks best? What will match your furnishings? And don’t forget to consider how certain colours may affect your mood.

Choosing the right, or wrong, colour can influence how you feel in a space. That’s why it’s important to choose your paint colours wisely.

Rooms painted red have a stimulating effect and raise both the room’s and the occupants’ energy levels. This colour is best used sparingly; think entryways, dining rooms and living rooms. Here are some inspiring ways to introduce this bold colour choice into your living space.

The sophistication of red can add energy to a room

Often used to bring people together, orange is energetic, enthusiastic, yet comforting. Use this fun colour in your social centres like family rooms, playrooms, even kitchens. When choosing the right hue, pay attention to how the light hits your room. Here are more tips on getting the right orange for you.

Orange brings people together making it a good choice for social spaces

Soothing, inviting, and versatile, little wonder blue remains the most popular colour choice. When you paint your room blue, it’s a winner with everyone. The mass appeal of blue makes a room feel engaging, making it the perfect colour choice for your family room or home office. And don’t forget that its calming effects work well in a bedroom retreat. Blue is very complimentary to other shades and blends easily into most décor settings.

The versatility of blue makes it a winner with everyone

Sunshine, happiness, and optimism is a wonderful way to begin your day. That’s why a splash of yellow looks so good in your kitchen. Soft shades of yellow make any space cheery and uplifting, but be warned, studies have shown that a bright yellow may bring out negative emotions. So, keep on the lighter side and brighten any kitchen, bathroom or even dining area with this sunny hue.

The optimistic hues of yellow can brighten up a room, and your day

It’s no secret that painting a room white will make it feel more spacious and open. Popular in kitchens and bathrooms, white is typically associated with cleanliness and modern, contemporary design. You may want to avoid painting entirely in white, as it can create feelings of anxiety in some people. Pair it with a darker colour, like red, gold, or even black, to make a bold, dramatic statement.

White paired with a darker island creates a stunning effect in this Allegro kitchen

When Kermit the Frog sang “it’s not easy being green” chances are he didn’t realize that green is an excellent choice for your home’s colour palette. Green can actually be good for you. Gentle on the eyes, the colour makes you feel calm, refreshed, and it has a soothing quality that is a great addition to any home. Offering a vibe of health and vitality, green is a great choice for offices and home gyms. Here are some great ways to add a little green to your living space.

This nature-inspired colour has a soothing quality

Are you thinking pink? Pink can show affection, playfulness and hope. Studies show that people feel calm and peaceful in a soft pink room and the colour reflects a warm light that gives skin a rosy, flattering glow. Architectural Digest says when it comes to design, pink has a fascinating complexity that can be both inspiring and whimsical in your home.

The calming nature of pink makes it ideal for bedroom, like this one in our Allegro model home

Balance – a muted and pale gray can achieve a peaceful atmosphere. Darker shades offer a more dramatic, sophisticated look. Gray is a timeless colour and goes well in any room of your home especially when combined with bright white trim and ceilings. Gray may sound boring at first, but its broad range of both cool and warm tones make it one of the most versatile colours to bring into your living environment.

The timeless appeal of gray works well in this beautiful ensuite at Allegro in Aurora

Have you ever entered a room and instantly felt relaxed, while other rooms make you feel excited? As a general rule, warmer paint colours tend to excite and stimulate us while cool colors calm and relax us. Architectural Digest offers some solid tips and guidelines for selecting and dealing with colours in your home’s décor.
Whether it’s warm or cold, white or blue, the most important thing is to choose the colours that make you happy and comfortable.
And if in the end it turns out that you want to change those colour choices, relax … it’s only paint!

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