Winter Activities The Family Can Enjoy This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about spending quality time together with family, friends, and lots of great food. But after a few days of holiday festivities, getting outside for a winter adventure may be just what your family needs! Here are some great outdoor options you might want to try.

Ice Skating
It’s a classic winter activity everyone can take part in. Look for local outdoor rinks where you can skate together. The Skate Escape at Friday Harbour Resort is a highlight of the winter season, with entertainment and warm beverages to enjoy while you’re skating. If you’re looking for something different this year, Toronto’s Bentway Skate Trail is a 220-metre figure-eight loop that explores the forgotten land beneath the Gardiner Expressway.

A family skate is always in order

Building Snowmen
Let your creativity flow with snow sculpting! Building snowmen can be a lot of fun and can turn into a mini family competition. We even found some tips to give you a head start, or if you feeling really ambitious check out these amazing designs from around the world!

Building anything in the snow, whether it’s a fort or a person, can be tons of fun

Winter Nature Walks
Go for walks in nearby parks or nature trails and take in the winter scenery. Our Allegro community in Aurora, and our new Clarehaven Estates in North Pickering are close to many well-maintained trails to enjoy in the winter. Look for wildlife or interesting natural features, you can turn it into a game with Winter Outdoor Bingo.

There’s just something magical about a walk when it’s snowing

Sledding or Tobogganing
Find a nearby hill and bring sleds or toboggans for a day of classic, old school fun. Be sure everyone wears a helmet and you’ve got somewhere warm to meet up at the end of the day. Barrie’s Snow Valley Resort, just minutes from Midhurst Valley, offers snow tubing for those who want to give that a try.

Photo from Snow Valley Resort

Cross-Country Skiing
If you have access to ski trails, cross-country skiing is an excellent family activity. It’s relatively easy to learn and a fantastic workout. Here are some of the best trails in the Barrie area, ranging from beginner to more challenging.

Cross Country Skiing is good exercise and easy to learn

Charity or Volunteering
Embrace the spirit of giving by participating in charitable activities, both indoors and out, collect donations, or participate in a charity run/walk. Food banks are always in need of supplies at this time of year so check out Food Banks Canada to see how you can help.

Take some time to volunteer over the holidays

Holiday Light Tours
Explore neighbourhoods with holiday decorations. Or visit one of the many holiday light events in Barrie, Aurora and Pickering.

So many beautiful lights everywhere you look

Holiday Events In Your Area
From the Distillery Winter Village in Toronto to local arts and crafts shows and outdoor shopping, there are lots of fun things to do near you.

Find something close by and make the most of it

Choose activities that suit your family’s interests. Remember to dress warmly, wear appropriate winter gear, and prioritize safety, especially if it involves being on ice or in snowy conditions.

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