What To Do With Your Extra Hour

A year has come and gone, and with that comes the end to Daylight Saving Time. The clocks are falling back this weekend. What will you do with that extra hour?

Spend your extra hour doing something with family and friends! An escape room is a fun group activity that, except in special circumstances, takes one hour or a little under. Using logic and problem-solving skills, you and your group will have to get out of a room in a predetermined amount of time. Labyrinth Escape Room in Aurora or Omescape in Scarborough would be a great choice for a day or night out!

Omescape in Scarborough is a great family outing

Don’t want to go out? Use this time to catch up on some of your favourite programs on Netflix, Crave or Amazon Prime. Make some popcorn and enjoy a cozy night in.

Home Tasks
Make it your routine to complete some twice yearly tasks every time you change the clocks. This hour can also be well spent checking your Smoke and CO Detectors.

Flipping your mattress is another good habit to get into. In order for mattresses to wear evenly, it is important to flip them semi frequently. Use your hour to do just that. One sided mattress? Simply rotate your mattress 180 degrees for the same effect.

Use your extra hour for some twice a year household tasks, like flipping your mattress.

Additionally, you can use this hour to spend some time cleaning parts of the home that can often be neglected. Give your oven a good scrub, or take an inventory of your medicine cabinet and throw away the items you no longer use. Be careful when you dispose of medications and ensure you are doing so properly.

Explore Your Downtown
Enjoy your Sunday visiting local businesses in your hometown. Take a leisurely stroll downtown then take the time to sit down and enjoy a coffee at a local shop. Or you could venture to a new area and discover some different places; perhaps an area where Geranium is present, like Stouffville, Aurora or Port Perry.

Use your extra hour to visit some businesses in your Downtown, like the Piano Cafe in Port Perry

Most importantly, however you decide to spend your hour, make sure you are enjoying every second!

There are plenty of things you can do around the house with your extra hour.

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