A Guide to Pumpkin Types

Did you know not all pumpkins are created equal? Knowing the difference can help you set your home décor apart for the holidays, as well as give you a tasty Hallowe’en meal.

The Bigger The Better
These are the pumpkins you see entered in the ‘largest pumpkin’ contests and competitions. Both monstrous and formidable, these daunting pumpkins would anchor the look of your Hallowe’en display. Some common varieties that can grow to this enormous size include the Atlantic Giant, and the Big Moon.

A word of caution; these pumpkins, particularly an Atlantic Giant, can be quite heavy, so a truck or wagon and able-bodied lifters is a must for transportation. Not commonly found at your local grocery store, you’ll have to head to a pumpkin patch, or order online to get a hold of one of these pumpkins.

This Giant Pumpkin is from the Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario

Coloured Pumpkins
By tradition, pumpkins are usually orange, but that doesn’t always have to be the case! There are plenty of strands of pumpkins providing your decor with different colour options.

Crystal Star is a white pumpkin variety, perfect to give a different look to your display. This variation would go great carved into a ghost jack-o-lantern, or simply on its own to provide a contrast to your display.

Blue Doll Pumpkins are another pumpkin option other than the traditional orange. They come in a pale shade of blue. In addition to looking great in your display, these pumpkins make for a particularly tasty pumpkin meal. Try them with one of these great pumpkin recipes.

The Crystal Star and Blue Doll are two of the 10 favourite varieties featured in Better Homes & Gardens Pumpkin Guide

A hybrid of two types of seeds, the New England Cheddar gives the best of both worlds. The very light orange colour offers a contrast to the brighter orange of traditional pumpkins, and with its high sugar content, it will be right at home in a pumpkin pie.

Many of these pumpkins work great in a pumpkin pie.

Known for their exceptionally warty skin, Knucklehead Pumpkins are a variety that give the scariest-looking jack-o-lanterns. Perfect for a hag or monster look.

A warty pumpkin will give your house that spooky feel you were looking for

A Disney Pumpkin?
Named after the famous carriage, Cinderella pumpkins (Rouge Vif D’Etampe) are wider than your than your traditional pumpkins. The unique shape of this voluptuous pumpkin looks good in any display, and its sweet taste makes it perfect for pies.

It is rumoured that Disney used the Rouge Vif D’Etampe as the design inspiration for Cinderella’s carriage

If your decorating space is at a premium, then a smaller variety of pumpkin will be right for you. Both Munchkin, and Jack Be Little Pumpkins will give that traditional orange look while taking up a minimal amount of space.

If you still want a variety in colour, Baby Boo pumpkins are ghostly white and can give some contrast to your small display.

The Baby Boo mini pumpkin is perfect for decorating

Choose the shape, colour and style that is right for you, and have your Autumn and Hallowe’en display looking Spook-tastic!

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