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DIY Mason Jars

It’s trendy and fun.  Have you noticed the rise in Mason Jar popularity lately? It seems like every store has the Mason Jar wine glass or plastic cups, containers, dispensers …practically every type of giftware now has a hometown jar alternative.
But why buy knock offs when you can create your own neat crafts? After my enthusiastic attempt at canning last summer, I now have a shelf full of the coveted mason jar, just waiting to be “repurposed.”  So I thought I’d look at some of the more interesting ideas for transforming those jars… other than canning.

Mason jars are completely fine to bake in if it is done carefully. I’ve seen recipes for everything from oatmeal to cheesecake, but my favourite has to be dinner rolls or bread. I remember a restaurant used to serve their bread in jars, it was my favourite part of the meal. Thanks to JarSpot for showing us how to bake dinner rolls in Mason Jars.

Mason Jar Bread Rolls

Using your jars to bake bread is a tasty idea.

Thanks to Photojojo for this simple but unique idea for glass jar photo frames.

Glass Jar Photo Frames

Mason jars, jelly jars, any jars can be used for these photo frames.

Another indoor idea for mason jar is a terrarium, haven’t tried this myself but I got this idea from Savvy Sugar, complete with a how to guide:

Terrarium Mason Jar

Using a mason jar is a nice twist to the usual terrarium containers

You see a lot of painted jar ideas, but most of them turn out to be a pretty complicated endeavour or really don’t enhance the effect of the mason jar look. However I found these Vintage Inspired Painted Mason Jars, that I really liked and make for neat vases or decor items both indoors and out. The best part of all? All you need is acrylic paint, paint brushes and a nail file.

Vintage Inspired Painted Mason Jars

Simple, easy to do, painted jars.

Painting the inside of the jar creates an awesome effect, but it’s a bit trickier. You need to use both a gloss enamel paint and a glazing medium.  I’ve found handy step by step instructions here, look for technique #2.

Painted mason jars

Painting the inside of jars can be a bit tricky, but the look is incredible.

Whether it’s mustard and ketchup for the BBQ or soap for the bathroom, this is an easy DIY project.  Just take a plastic dispenser from a soap bottle you already have, (or get one at the dollar store) and insert it into the hole in the lid.  You may need to use a little bit of hot glue to hold into place.  Clean, fill and use!

Whether outside or in the bathroom, covered dispensers come in handy.

Whether in the backyard or in the bathroom, covered dispensers come in handy.

When it comes to dressing up those jars, look at what a little rope, or twine, and hot glue can do! Although the photo if self explanatory, for detailed instructions I have to credit ApartmentTherapy for turning me on to this craft.

DIY Rope Jar

DIY Rope Containers, easy and inexpensive.

Put a tea light or candle, or even a glow stick,  in the jar and light.  Not only is this easy, but it looks fantastic and adds charm to a warm outdoor evening. Add some sand, pebbles, epsom salts, in the winter, even snow – to enhance the effect.

Christina's Adventures show the romance of this lighting

Christina’s Adventures show the romance of this lighting

Citronella jars not only look great  at dusk in your backyard, but will keep the pesky bugs away.  Nature Hacks explains in detail how to make these yourself.

Mason Jar Oil Lamps keep the bugs away.

Mason Jar Oil Lamps keep the bugs away.

Take the above idea and add festive accessories to create beautiful Christmas decorations.  Better Homes & Gardens shows us how.

Celebrate the season with these homemade candles.

Celebrate the season with these homemade candles.

Put a piece of sandpaper on the cover, hold it in place with the ring, and fill with wooden matches.  Always at hand when you need them!

Matches Jar

Great for storing small items like wooden matches

And finally, my favourite use for a mason jar, is a good old Classic Bloody Caesar.

Bloody Caesar

The Classic Caesar is meant to be served in a jar.

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