Geranium Leads the Way in Innovation

Copperstone is Ontario's first large-scale residential to introduce a greywater recovery system.

Copperstone is Ontario’s first large-scale residential to introduce a greywater recovery system.

Once again, Geranium Homes is taking a leadership role when it comes to building new homes and communities with sustainability in mind. “Keeping pace with innovations in construction products, methods and materials is a constant challenge,” says Geranium’s President Boaz Feiner. “We build homes that are energy efficient as a way to also conserve resources.” One scarce resource is fresh drinking water and there are many measures being employed worldwide to address this concern.

It was during a conversation with John Bell, a fellow hockey dad, that Boaz learned of a way to make a difference. John explained that recycling greywater is a fairly simple way to reduce household water use, prompting Boaz to invest the time to learn more. John Bell is Vice President and co-founder of Greyter Water Systems a company that offers industry proven water recovery and reuse management solutions for commercial use with a patent-pending for residential systems.

Why recycle water?
What does a Greywater System do?
Greywater systems divert water used in showers and/or laundry machines through dedicated pipes into a system where it is filtered and disinfected. It can then be re-used in toilets and subsurface irrigation. John says that about 65% of indoor water use occurs in our bathrooms. And while half of water is being used to shower, bathe and do laundry (greywater), toilets remain the single greatest water user in the home (30%).

VP Greyter Water Systems, John Bell (L) speaking with Geranium Homes President, Boaz Feiner

VP Greyter Water Systems, John Bell (L) speaking with Geranium Homes President, Boaz Feiner

Boaz’s discovery led Geranium to commit to install the plumbing for a future greywater system in all 18 homes at Copperstone in Ballantrae. When Greyter’s residential system is approved for market, homeowners will be approached to have a system installed and to participate in a pilot study.

“It just doesn’t make sense to flush your toilet with drinking water when there is an alternative,” says Boaz. “We definitely think that this is an important step forward in building technology.”

Construction at Geranium Homes' Copperstone community has begun in Ballantrae

Construction at Geranium Homes’ Copperstone community has begun in Ballantrae

With growing pressures on fresh water resources and the costs of water rising, it’s estimated that the Greyter system will allow you the opportunity to save up to 30 per cent in household water consumption.

Homeowners at Copperstone will have the opportunity to participate in this unique and exciting new water saving pilot program, making Geranium the first Ontario residential builder to introduce a grey water recovery system at a large-scale residential development.

To see a video on the Geranium and Greyter program click here.

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