How We Build

At Geranium we take great pride in providing a home that’s designed better, built better and more comfortable. We strive to ensure your peace of mind for today and lasting value for the years ahead.

Here are just a few of the things we do to protect your investment for tomorrow.

Foundation Drainage
A high-pressure dimple-finish air-gap membrane provides superior waterproofing which works to keep your basement dry by directing drainage away from the foundation wall.

Roof Trusses
Engineered roof trusses provide greater structural stability and create less wasted lumber. The roof system is more stable when trusses are constructed with dried lumber and truss uplift is minimized since the moisture content fluctuates less.

Engineered roof trusses provide greater structural stability

Raised Heel Trusses
Raised heel trusses create more space between the top of the window and the roof line on the exterior of the home, providing an opportunity to add details such as enhanced brick cladding above the windows. This creates a more attractive elevation and, more importantly, allows additional space for consistent thickness of insulation in the attic.

Energy Efficient Windows
Each Geranium Executive Home features maintenance-free, thermopane Energy Star® qualified double-glazed casement windows, with insulated spacer bars and low-E argon gas, on all elevations. Basement windows are Energy Star® qualified vinyl sliders. These windows are designed to minimize the effects of the outside climate on the interior temperature of your new home. All gaps between the window and door frames are filled with a spray foam insulation to reduce drafts.

Energy Efficient windows in our Midhurst Valley model home

Bathroom Details
The bathrooms in our Executive Homes have tub enclosures and showers constructed with DensShield tile backers featuring a built-in moisture barrier. This provides better mould resistance and durability. Geranium also includes washerless lever water-efficient faucets and energy efficient water saver showerheads, as well as energy efficient toilets in all bathrooms.

Midhurst Valley primary ensuite

High-Efficiency Systems
Our homes have Energy Star® qualified high efficiency forced air gas furnaces with an above average energy rating, plus a 50 gallon condensing hot water tank and heat recovery ventilation system (HRV). These features, along with an electronic programmable thermostat, means reduced costs for water heating and for the heating and cooling of your Geranium home.

Greywater Rough-In
We now take our enhanced building practices one step further, with energy and water saving features that provide the opportunity to install a grey water recycling system. Greywater is household waste water from showers and baths that can easily be filtered, cleaned, and reused for applications like toilet flushing and irrigation. These systems are great for the environment and will allow you to save both water and money.

Ensuite from our Allegro model home

Hard Hat Tours
Our Hard Hat Tours play an important role in the education process as we take new homeowners behind the scenes to show how, from a construction and design point of view, Geranium builds a quality home. This gives them the chance to see close up, to ask questions and be assured of the quality of work that goes into every home we build.

Led by our construction team members, the tours give new homeowners an in-depth look at how we build

After more than 45 years, and with thousands of homes to our credit, Geranium has earned a sterling reputation as a builder/developer who goes far beyond the bricks and mortar of building your new home. To learn more about the construction and craftsmanship that goes into our homes visit

Our Midhurst Valley community is taking shape

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