How Host an NHL Party

Hockey pucks on ice with Canadian slogans

The NHL playoffs are underway! Beat the crowds by having your friends and family over for a playoff party. Check out our roundup of tips and tricks to have a great party.

For many sporting get-togethers “party” food is the best part. A large platter of nachos is guaranteed to be a hit! This classic nachos recipe is quick, easy and absolutely delicious.

Try this nachos recipe from Love from the Oven

Finger foods and dips are always a great choice. Whether it be the crowd pleasing Seven Layer, the creamy smooth Con Queso or party favourite Spinach, dips are great snack food to munch on during a game. You can’t forget the dipping items! Chips, pretzels, and pita bread are all excellent choices. Consider adding some cut up vegetables as well.

Seven layer dips make for a great party snack, via IHeartNapTime

Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth during that second period intermission. These Stanley Cup cupcakes or a Jersey Cake, will score with your guests.

These neat Stanley Cup cupcakes from Kraft would be a big hit.

Obviously the game of your choice is going to the be the main draw, but there are numerous small activities you can incorporate to spice up the evening.

Before the game, put all the players’ names of the teams playing into a hat and then have your guests pick 1-3 players (depending on how many guests you have). The guest who draws the player who scores the first goal in the game would win a prize.

Another in-game competition you could run is a hockey spin on “football squares”. Start with a 5×5 grid with the teams playing labeled on an axis each. You then have guests select a square each. Once the whole grid is filled, assign each row and column the numbers 0 to 4+. Whoever’s square matches the final score wins the prize. For example, if the Maple Leafs beat the Bruins 3-1, the person with 3 in the Leafs column and 1 in the Bruins column would win the prize.

Dress Code
Encourage your guests to wear their jerseys, or the colours of their favourite team. If you have fans of both teams over, this can fuel some friendly banter and make for a great post-game photo with the whole group.

Incorporating a few of these suggestions will have your home ready for puck drop. Game on!

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