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Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, which means it is officially time for spring cleaning! We’ve created a list of cleaning hacks to help you get the job done quickly, leaving more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Home Remedies
Natural products are always a great alternative to chemical cleaners. Rid your couch of tough stains and smells that often build up during winter. Dust your couch with a layer of baking soda and let it sit for around 20 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum up the baking soda, and you’ll be amazed as the odours and stains go along with it!

Baking soda works great for cleaning many items around the house

If your showerhead is starting to show deposit accumulation (common in areas with hard water), dissolve it easily using vinegar. Simply detach the showerhead and let it soak in vinegar for a few hours or overnight. Afterwards, scrub away all of the residue.

You can also attach a ziplock bag filled with vinegar to the head for the same result without the bother of detaching!

You can dissolve showerhead buildups with vinegar, via One Good Thing

Is your iron starting to get scorch buildups? Place a pillow case on your ironing board and pour some table salt on the pillow case. Iron the salt and watch as your metal will begin to shine.

It can be tough to keep your refrigerator smelling the freshest. Place a bowl of fresh coffee grounds in your fridge, and it will absorb your fridge odours.

Don’t Lose, Reuse
By reusing common items multiple times or for different purposes, you can take a chunk out of your monthly cleaning budget. After a load of laundry, don’t throw away your dryer sheets! Instead, use them as a scrubber for those hard to remove specks and spots, such as water marks on a mirror.

Use a dryer sheet to clean those tough spots on a mirror or keyboard. (One Good Thing)

After you’re done reading your weekly newspaper and flyers, make sure to keep them as they make a great deodorizer! Crumple them up and put them at the bottom of your kitchen garbage. They will act as an absorbent, soaking in any odours and liquids in your trash can

Cleaning Plan
Don’t know where to start or limited on time? Consider segmenting your house into areas. Clean your windows and curtains at the same time, Clean your whole washroom at one time. Combining tasks that are spatially close will save you time, and help prioritize areas.

Combine tasks to expedite your spring cleaning.

Get your backyard ready for summer by setting up your patio furniture. As you start to bring your patio furniture out of the shed, this patio furniture cleaning guide will help your patio furniture look refreshed!

Prepare your grill for BBQ season by cleaning with vinegar and onion! Heat up your grill and spray vinegar onto the grates to loosen up some of the caked on residue. Use half an onion to scrub the grills. The acidity of the onion will have your barbecue looking as good as new.

Prepare your grill with vinegar and onion to make sure it’s clean for spring

Follow these spring cleaning hacks and expedite the process while making your home sparkle.

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