7 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate Spring With Family

Spring is here! While we’re trading our coats in for T-shirts, let’s swap those computer and TV screens for some outdoor fun. Many organized community sports will start up soon for the summer months, but what can you do to get the kids outside now?

Take A Hike
Hiking in spring is fantastic; you get to watch nature come alive after a winter’s sleep, enjoy the weather without the bugs, and if you’re lucky, find a puddle or two to jump in! Make a game out of your hike by searching for signs of spring.
Did you know the Town of Aurora has approximately 62 kilometres of trails just waiting for you to explore? The majority of these amazing trails are multi-purpose with compact gravel surfaces. In our Allegro community there is an inter-connected network of trails that runs through the community, both paved and off-road, that connects directly with the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail.You can search for all trails in Aurora with the interactive map at aurora.ca/trails.

In Midhurst, start by exploring the nature trails and parks right in Midhurst Valley, naturalized areas and scenic trails like the Hickling Recreational Trail. It’s a very popular area for birding as well as hiking, and a great way to explore the outdoors. Also close by is the Springwater Provincial Park which offers many outdoor activities including 12 kilometres of hiking trails.

There are so many things to discover on a family hike

Go Fly A Kite
Spring is the perfect time to go kite flying. The days tend to be windier and that’s ideal for kite flying. Choose a big, open space like a park, the beach or open field away from power lines or buildings. The more space you have the more line you can let out and the higher your kite can fly. Here are some tips for beginners.

For The Birds
As birds are building nests and coming back home for the warmer months, it’s time to get those bird houses in shape. A fun project your kids will enjoy helping to build and to choose the ideal location. It’s also time to plan for the return of hummingbirds. Whether you’re putting out a special hummingbird feeder, or planting a garden to attract these delightful birds, make it a family affair. You can even make your own bird feeder if you like. 

Different food, and types of feeders, will attract a variety of birds

Visit A Farmers’ Market
Getting outdoors and supporting local business is a win-win. Now that spring has arrived many markets are opening for the season or moving outside.
Here are details on the farmers’ markets in our communities:
Aurora Farmers’ Market – Saturdays from May – October
Springwater – Barrie Hill Farms – Opens in May
Port Perry Lakefront Farmers’ Market – Saturdays from Victoria Weekend to Thanksgiving
Pickering City Centre Farmers’ Market – Tuesdays from June – October

Nothing beats the freshness of a Farmers’ Market

Save For A Rainy Day
Build a homemade Rain Gauge, an activity that will make the kids get excited for rain. Recording the weather throughout the spring, summer and fall also helps the younger ones with their numbers. Another activity is to make a small “kids’ garden” for fun discoveries after a rain.

With a little preparation your kids can enjoy the rain

Never Two-Tired For a Bike Ride
A sure sign of spring is getting the bike out of storage and tuning it up for the season. You can use that family bike ride to enjoy the sights around town and discover interesting things in your community. Lead by example and be sure to practise all of the bike safety rules.

A family bike ride is something everyone can enjoy

Be The Chalk of The Town
Whether it’s a work of art, game of four square, puzzle or making a traffic route, it’s amazing what one piece of chalk can do on the driveway or sidewalk. There are many cool games and activities you can chalk up to a spring day. Wrap it up with a fun game of hopscotch.

With a sidewalk and some chalk, there’s no limit to what you can do

And, speaking of games …

Play A Game, Or Three
Sometimes good old fashioned games like hide ‘n seek, or skipping, or throwing a Frisbee are simple and easy and can make for a memorable afternoon. Other ideas include nature bingo, a way for kids to look out for special things and be more aware of what’s around them. Kicking around a soccer ball, or playing catch, getting a street hockey game going; these are all family moments you’ll enjoy, while getting your future soccer or baseball star ready for the season.

There’s always time to play some ball

The most important part of getting outside with the family is to make it fun. Set a good example by showing your enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Make it a daily routine, such as after school or on the weekends. Getting kids outside not only keeps them active but promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Getting the kids outdoors promotes a healthy lifestyle

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