New Year’s Resolutions For The Home

Brighten the new year with some resolutions for your home. Here are five things to get your home in shape for the soaring twenties!

1.Clean Efficiently
Does cleaning always seem like a never-ending chore? Start the new year by prioritizing chores with a realistic working schedule . Create a schedule with how you will clean each room, and prioritizing your different areas. This will allow you to use your time efficiently, spending more time enjoying your home! To expedite your chore process, consider investing in a portable carry-all to keep all your cleaning supplies in. The carry-all can go with you from room to room, making the whole process a breeze.

If you’re really in the cleaning zone, consider transforming an apron to suit your needs. Stash all your essentials, like cleaning cloths, sponges and scrubber in the apron, and there will be no stopping you!

Keep organized with your cleaning in the new year.

2. Make Your Home Scents-able
New year. New you. New smells? Did you know that your sense of smell is closely linked with memory? Fill your home with new smells to attach to new memories! Familiar smells like floral or baked cookies, may be attached the positive memories, uplifting your mood from when you wake up!

Candles and essential oils can act as a quick and economical way to enhance the fragrance of any bedroom or living room. Be sure to choose subtle, natural scents that enhance rather than overpower. Lavender and chamomile has been known to have a calming effect to help you sleep. For your kitchen and dining room, you may want to find fragrances like citrus or mint, that help eliminate strong cooking odours. Brew some coffee or bake some cookies and your home will be smelling awesome in no time. You may even want to try making your own potpourri!

Scented candles can add a new dimension to your home.

3. Get Organized
Many of us don’t know what’s in our cabinets, and as a result, end up buying duplicates of items we already have. If you have a break during the New Year, take some time to reorganize your cabinets and refrigerator. Label areas where items are supposed to go and group common items together. For example, keep your soups all together, that way you’ll know when you’re short.

Go through your spice rack as well. If you have duplicates, combine them into one container. Buy some extra mason jars and use them for any spices that are loose or unlabeled.

Make a resolution to organize your kitchen.

4. Embrace Family in your Decorating
While paintings and mirrors have a place in decorating, nothing will make your house feel more like a home than pictures of family and friends. Try and add at least three new framed photos of those you care most about, and you’ll see how your mood boosts each time you enter a room. There are so many new and creative ways to display photos, here are some ideas for inspiration.

Add more family photos to your decor.

5. Simplify Your Decor
Time to declutter? During the holidays, it is easy to accumulate extra items. One of the easiest ways to start fresh is to declutter and use the space for living instead of storage. If you have too many things, start sorting your items now and resolve to have a yard sale once spring comes around. As a general rule, if you haven’t used something in a year, it may be time to part with it.

Follow these tips to get your home ready for fantastic new year!

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