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At Geranium Homes we believe that an educated homeowner is a satisfied homeowner. Our Hard Hat Tours play an important role in the education process as we take new home owners behind the scenes to show how, from a construction and design point of view, Geranium builds a better home.  This gives them the chance to see close up, to ask questions and be reassured of the quality work that goes into their own home.

“We place a great deal of importance on the quality of our construction materials and the techniques we use to ensure our homes are built better than the Ontario Building Code, a program we’ve named Geranium Green Plus,” explains Geranium Homes’ Vice-President, Housing Division, Louie Morizio.


The Hard Hat Tour provides a lot of important information about what goes into our homes behind the drywall and explains the benefit to the future residents, like fewer service issues after move-in and greater homeowner satisfaction.

At a special Hard Hat Tour held last fall, homebuyers and prospective purchasers were treated to a guided walk-through of an executive home. Louie Morizio along with Brent Shaw, General Site Superintendent and Bill Jewel, Site Superintendent led the groups from the basement to the second floor of a 4,500 square foot home being built at Copperstone in Ballantrae.


The tour offered a behind-the-scenes peek at how, and why, we employ specific techniques and materials to produce attractive and durable homes that offer lasting value.  We take the time to explain the benefits to the future residents. Items such as energy-efficiency, heating & cooling systems, protecting against drafts, engineered raised heel trusses, and many more elements all of which add up to fewer service issues after move-in and greater homeowner satisfaction.

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Vice-President Housing Division, Louie Morizio (left) talks with Geranium Homes’ President, Boaz Feiner.

After their tour, Maria and Tony, who have purchased at Bloomington Woods, expressed their appreciation, adding that they feel more confident in their decision to buy from Geranium, knowing what steps the company takes to build a quality home.

Those who attend a Geranium Homes Hard Hat Tour also receive a booklet titled, “Construction & Craftsmanship,” which covers all the material on the tour. That way, people could go home and review what they learned about the construction and design of their new home.

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If you would like to learn more about the construction and craftsmanship that goes in to every Geranium home check out our latest video, or visit one of our Sales Centres for details.

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