Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Now’s the time to Feng Shui your bedroom. These five tips will help create a bedroom to nourish your body, balance your energies and enrich your sleep.

Cut the Clutter
Disorder creates mayhem and hinders your ability to find peace. Give your bedroom a deep clean from floor to ceiling. Overhaul that chaotic closet and stop storing things under your bed. Keep it simple. Use furnishings sparingly and part with items that you may associate with a negative time in your life.

HGTV features a clutter free closet.

Soothing colours are the best choice for your bedroom. When unwinding after a long day, neutral colours provide a sense of calm. Skin tones can evoke sensuality and comfort while shades of greens and blues can cool things down. There are no colour absolutes in a Feng Shui bedroom though, so do what what makes you feel good.

HouseBeautiful explains the colours meanings in Feng Shui

Bed Placement
Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your room and requires Feng Shui to maintain and support your personal energy. One of the best positions for your bed is on the back wall of the room, diagonally opposite from the door.

This provides:
• Grounding from the solid wall behind the bed;
• An expanded view of the room and door;
• Protection from fast moving energy entering the space

knowfengshui.com examines the three best Feng Shui bedroom layouts.

To create balance in a room, dual nightstands with lamps can be used. These lamps should have dimmer settings to cater to your need and mood. While a relaxing painting can enhance the room, keep mirrors to a minimum.
The air in your room is critical for balance. Open your windows or use an air purifier to balance the energy flow and enhance circulation.
Lastly, remember to make your bed when not in use. A good looking and well-balanced bed creates a sense of ease and calmness vital for a perfect bedroom Feng Shui.

Create balance in your bedroom with night stands on either side of your bed.

Remove the Electronics
Electronics in the bedroom greatly impede rest and relaxation. All laptops, smartphones, and ipads should be kept away from your bed. Being reminded of work or bills in your relaxation place obstructs your bedroom Feng Shui.
A television in a bedroom is not recommended. The electromagnetic fields emitted from your television can affect your nervous system and stress levels. Additionally, the movies or television shows you watch can negatively affect your sub-conscience while you sleep. Making even one of these changes can protect your health and well-being.

fengshuinexus.com shares tips to improve your sleep.

Start this year in a positive direction. Create a Feng Shui oasis to boost happiness, vitality and prosperity into your life. When you design a healthy living environment, you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to move towards your dreams.

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