Fitness Routine for your Mental Well-Being

In the busy-ness of our daily lives, it’s easy to neglect our well-being. Whether it’s the peak of summer or the depths of winter, practicing self-care is always in season. Here are some tips to help you prioritize your mental well-being all year long.

Get Moving
Regular exercise is important for both your physical and mental health. Find time for activities you enjoy, whether it’s a walk or simply turning up the music and dancing. Check out our fitness tips for busy people. Here are some fitness programs available in Aurora and Pickering.

Sleep On It
A good night’s sleep can improve your mental health. There are many ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Create a relaxing bedtime routine, limit screen time before bed, and invest in a comfortable mattress and pillows for a restful night’s sleep.

Eat Breakfast First
Resist the urge to check your phone, your emails, your Instagram when you first wake up. Enjoy a good, healthy breakfast and take time to mentally set up your day.

Take It Outside
Even in the winter, you’ll be amazed how much a little time in the sunshine and fresh air will help you de-stress and recharge your batteries. Here’s a list of winter activities you can enjoy with family or friends.

Laugh With Friends
Yes, laughter is the best medicine. And when you take the time to share a few giggles with friends, you’re also strengthening those important relationships. It could be a phone call, a text or planning a play date with good people.

Eat Healthy
Food can improve your mood. Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and avoid restrictive diets. Don’t forget to indulge in occasional treats—balance is key.

Paint A Room
Transforming any space with a fresh coat of paint can lift your spirits. Whether you do it yourself or hire a painter, the fun comes in choosing the colour. Did you know certain colours may affect your mood? Here are tips for choosing the right paint colour for your wall.


Unplug and Relax
Take breaks from technology to reduce screen time. This could be a digital detox evening or simply reducing screen time. Unplugging helps reduce stress and promotes better sleep. Here are some fun ways to unplug for you or your family to try.

Try Something New
Maybe you’ve always wanted to try photography or floral arranging. Active learning exercises your brain. Whether it’s cooking, painting, gardening, or dancing, hobbies are a great way to relax and express creativity. Check your community’s Recreation & Leisure guide for new activities to try. Here’s a link to the  Pickering Guide and the Aurora Leisure Guide.

Me Time
It’s okay to put yourself first. Block out some time each week and try doing nothing. Even if it’s just 15 minutes each week put your needs first. Sit back, take a deep breath and think of things you are grateful for. Me Time can also mean listening to some music or binge-watching your favourite show. As long as it puts a smile on your face then do it.


For more information on mental health and resources for mental wellness visit the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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