Healthy Hosting for the Holidays

The holidays are always a fun time to enjoy good company and all the blessings of the season. It’s also a difficult time to maintain healthy eating habits. This year do yourself, and your guests, a favour; entertain with a healthier twist to your menu.

When offering your guests a festive drink, provide a low calorie alternative that’s still tasty and refreshing. We found plenty of recipes sure to please at But if you’re planning on a punch; this Holiday Fruit Punch from Eat Right Ontario certainly fits the bill!

This holiday fruit punch has fewer calories and less sugar

The nice thing about appetizers is that you can offer a variety to appeal to guests with different tastes. Along with the staple veggies and dip, you can offer some exciting hors d’oeuvres that still make for a healthy alternative. This dressed to impress Caprese Salad Christmas Wreath will certainly crown you as the hostess with the mostess!

Thanks to Cafe Delites for this tasty holiday recipe.

Enjoy the classics? There’s something effortlessly elegant about opening a dinner party with delicious Smoked Salmon Canapés. This simple recipe from Readers Digest will have your guests reaching for more than just one or you can get really creative and make them with a cucumber twist.

Thanks to Health Magazine and Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Anna Hampton, Prop Styling: Mindi Shapiro

The Main Course
Dinner is ready! Time to present the roasted to perfection turkey, a favourite holiday delight. You can carve on and let the feast continue, without compromising your willpower, because turkey is a healthy option! The Canadian Protein fills in the healthy benefits and dietary details.

With the main dish under control, it’s time to focus on the sides. From sweet potato casseroles to savoury stuffings, Cooking Light offers a marvellous selection of healthy holiday sides. One platter in particular should be an excellent companion to compliment your seasonal entree. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with hazelnuts and rosemary is the perfect vegetable side dish, and is vegan friendly. It’s quick to throw together and celebrates the flavours of harvest season with the nuts, herbs and spices.

Delicious balsamic Brussels Sprouts are vegan friendly.

Just Desserts
It just isn’t a holiday celebration without dessert! Having healthy alternatives will be greatly appreciated by guests who have been giving up on sweets. Starting off with 47 healthy Christmas cookies that you can make for everyone on your holiday list!
Say yes to that piece of pumpkin pie with this light and luscious recipe from Eating Well, sure to be a hit without derailing your meal plan.

Delicious Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

Or, how about a remake of the time honoured Christmas Pudding? A raw pudding, which can be thrown together and ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Your waistline will appreciate the absence of wheat, gluten, refined sugar, dairy and grains.

You don’t have to wait until January to start your New Year’s Resolutions; you can get a head start before the holiday rush. Here are 10 tips for a delicious and healthy holiday season from Eat Right Ontario.

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