Advantages of the Condo Lifestyle


Is the condo lifestyle right for you? Condominiums are an attractive housing choice because they offer the homeowner a low-maintenance lifestyle. While many associate condominiums with big city living, their many lifestyle benefits can be enjoyed in quieter communities such as Pace On Main in Downtown Stouffville.

Here are some of the many rewards of owning a condominium:

If you’re new to a city then condominium living can be a great opportunity to get to know the area and be part of a new neighbourhood. Living in the heart of the city or town gives you the chance to mix & mingle with neighbours and get involved with activities.

For those with the travel bug, it’s an enviable lifestyle choice, because condo living lets you simply lock the door and go on that vacation. It’s perfect because you do not have to worry about maintaining your home while you’re away.

Enjoy all of the downtown amenities. Courtesy of Town of WS.

Living downtown keeps you close to all Main Street events. Courtesy of Town of WS.

Time to ditch the shovel and the lawnmower!  One of the biggest draws for condominium owners is the freedom from maintaining your property. Whether you’re a young professional with little spare time or a retiree busy travelling the world, condo living means not having to shovel snow, mow the lawn or repair outside structures!  Add to that the convenience of underground parking; imagine never having to scrape the ice off your car again!

With end prices for condos nearly half that of detached homes, condominiums can be an affordable alternative; especially for first time homebuyers and those looking to downsize. One reason being that the responsibilities and costs of building upkeep, common areas and amenities are shared with all the unit owners. As well, fixed monthly maintenance fees provide homeowners certain comforts of knowing monthly and annual costs.

Common areas like the "Main Street Terrace" are part of the worry-free condo lifestyle

Common areas like the “Main Street Terrace” are part of the worry-free condo lifestyle

Condominiums provide additional security to keep homeowners feeling safe. At PACE on Main each condominium is equipped with key-fob access at all entry points of the building, as well as intercom and camera systems at main entry to see who is requesting access inside. Building security is a priority with condominiums and many, like Pace on Main, include convenient well-lit underground garages.


What can set a condominium apart are social amenities shared by the residents. The PACE “Main Street Lounge” is designed to create a comfortable ambience to accommodate gatherings of all shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect place to watch the big game, or relax at the bar after a long day at the office. Adjacent to the lounge is the outdoor terrace, which is a convenient place to catch some rays or dine under the stars. All can be enjoyed without having to leave your home.

The "Main Street Lounge" at PACE on Main.

The “Main Street Lounge” at PACE on Main.

Condominiums are often located in prime locations that are convenient to city centres, shopping and restaurants.  Life is convenient when distances are measured in “steps to” not “miles from”. At PACE on Main, you’re never more than a short walk to boutiques, bistros, pubs and cafes, weekly farmers markets and a vibrant Main Street with year round festivals.

Pace on Main in downtown Stouffville offers the best of condo living

Pace on Main in downtown Stouffville offers the best of condo living

Find out more about the benefits of condo living at the PACE On Main Sales Centre. Stop in and you’ll soon discover that it’s more than just an address; it’s an opportunity to enjoy life at your own pace in the heart of Downtown Stouffville.

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  1. I’m looking for a place to live, and I heard a condo might be a good option for me. I work quite a bit, so it’s good to see that I wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining my property or doing any outside yardwork. This would probably be one of the biggest benefits to me if I were to get a condo.

  2. I was planning to move out of my old apartment and live in a condo unit because I’m worried about safety and security of my belongings while I’m gone. That’s why I thought it was really nice that I came across this article of yours. You mentioned that condos have advanced security systems as well as, intercoms and security cameras so that I will know who’s requesting access to my area. Thanks for sharing the ideas. Now I’m even more eager to live in a condo unit.

  3. I enjoyed that you talked about how condos are typically half the price of detached homes! With the addition of not having to do maintenance or lawn work, I see why they’re so appealing! My wife and I are looking at places to live next year, we might have to throw a condo search into our list!

  4. I like how you said that the social benefits can sometimes be a draw for buying a condo. My son is going to college soon and we want him to have a good experience and make new friends. We’ll have to look into renting him a condo or something like that so he can get some of the social benefits that could come with it.

  5. My husband and I are thinking of buying a condo and I had no idea that there are so many benefits, so I am glad that I found this article! You make a great point that you will not have to worry about doing any maintenance because they will handle any snow, repair, and lawn care. This would be a huge benefit for us because we have very busy jobs and it would be great to have more free time together and not worry about maintenance.

  6. As a newly married couple, we are just looking for something affordable and convenient. A condo seems like a great option for us and our situation right now. I like that you mentioned how many condos are located in the heart of the city. This is exactly what we are looking for since our work is near by.

  7. Thank you for pointing out that condos provide additional security. My mother is interested in buying a condo. I’ll have to look into finding the best one in my area.

  8. Sam Li says:

    I like the mention of social amenities shared by residents. I think that townhomes, condos, or apartment complexes should cater to the residents and provide these amenities. If my wife and I were to look into renting a townhome, we’ll be sure to look at what the facility has to offer in terms of amenities.

  9. I like how you said that living in a condo is a great way to get to know a neighborhood and participate in activities, as well as getting to know your neighbors! My friend recently graduated college and is looking to move to a new town to start a job, but she isn’t sure where exactly she wants to live since it’s going to be her first time living all by herself. I’ll have to recommend that she look for condos for sale in her area, that she can enjoy the social aspects, meet people, and get to know her new city and the opportunities available for her.

  10. Joy Butler says:

    Me and my husband are looking for the first place for us to potentially live together. I think that a condo would be a great option for us. I really like how you pointed out that most condominiums include great social opportunities. Me and my husband really want to make some couple friends as we begin our married life so maybe we should look at a condo.

  11. That’s good to now that if you’re a first-time home buyer and want a smaller home, a condominium is a good option sine it costs half as much as a detached home. My sister is looking to buy her first place, but she doesn’t want something really big so she can move easily if she gets a new job. I’ll have to tell her about condos since it’ll be a good size for her at a very good price and something she can probably sell easily if she needs to move quickly later on.

  12. Living in a condo seems like a great idea. I love the fact that we can just go on vacations whenever we wanted to, with no worries about house sitters or anything. We do love to travel, so maybe our next abode will be a condo.

  13. That is really nice that condominiums would provide additional security to the homeowners. That is something I would want to have if I were to buy any type of house for my family. Then if we had a townhome, we could be safe inside and not have to worry about it at all.

  14. Aljurf says:

    Hey! the heart of the city or town gives you the chance to mix & mingle with neighbors and get involved with activities.

  15. It’s good to know that condos are an affordable alternative to detached homes. My wife and I are looking into downsizing now that our kids have moved out. We’d like something that’s low maintenance and affordable, and a condo sounds like a perfect fit for us. We’ll be looking further into out options for condos in the future.

  16. I liked that you said that townhomes are an affordable alternative to other housing. I would imagine that this would be beneficial for a newly married couple. I would consider purchasing a townhome when I first get married so that we can save money.

  17. My parents recently divorced, and my mom decided to move away. I liked how you said that condos provide additional security. We will look for an estate agent that could help us find the right living area for my mom

  18. Wow, it sounds like many condominiums come with perks like not having to worry about too much landscaping or lawn mowing, so you can spend your time traveling or working more. My daughter is getting married to her high school sweetheart in June and is looking for an affordable living arrangement. She and her fiancee love to travel a lot and are busy in school, so it seems like a condo could be a great option for the two of them.

  19. I love that you pointed out that condo living is great because you don’t have to perform any maintenance on it yourself. My wife and I are thinking about retiring and we weren’t sure what kind of house we wanted to live in. After reading this article, I feel like living in a condominium would be a great option.

  20. Ron Booker says:

    You make a great point that one won’t have to worry about doing any preservations because the condo’s administration will handle any maintenance needed. My mom has been thinking fo moving out of her ex-husband’s house and buying a small house. I will talk to her about considering a condominium instead, that way she won’t have to worry about andy garden work.

  21. My sister is thinking of moving to the city for her studies and she’s wondering what her options are for lodging. I find interesting to learn that living in a condominium means that they won’t need to maintain the property. Since she tends to be a bit neglectful with maintaining a home, this works in her favor as well. I should recommend that she purchase a condo within the city so she’ll be able to enjoy these perks.

  22. I loved how you mentioned that they are affordable! My husband and I were thinking about moving out of our apartment in a couple of months, but we are worried about being able to afford a home so we were wondering if there were any other options. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the benefits of living in a condo. We’ll have to look into finding one to movie into.

  23. Anne Stump says:

    Thank you for the well-explained information. It’s really helpful/keep sharing.

  24. You made a good point when you mentioned that there is no need to worry about outdoor maintenance when you opt to live in a condo. My wife and I are planning to move to a smaller house since there are only three of us including my only son. I think it would be great if I look for a condo that has a waterfront view as I do not need to think about maintaining the lawn anymore and enjoy the beach view from my new home.

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